Outdoor classroom

The Outdoor Classroom is for the first year  in our school. The activity is carried out within 2 groups of students, ages 4-5 and ages 5-6. With this proposal, we hope to:

  • Achive one of the main goal and challenge of SMOL project: Ourdoor Learning
  • Incorporate the utilization of a close public space within our cultural and physical urban reality (a nearby park) in our daily educational activities
  • Get to know a concrete space within our physical and affective environment from a global perspective
  • Understand, appreciate, and utilize the park as a space to enjoy (games, outings, natural aesthetics…), to learn (observing, investigating, and relating…), and in which to participate (park care and improvement).

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–          OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: Activities will take place in Lineal de Palomeras Park on Mondays and Wednesdays from October to May. Schedule: 10:10-11:40 a.m.  In total there will be 48 expected sessions: 12 sessions / group.

–          ACTIVITIES IN THE SCHOOL: The outdoor activities will be related to other workshops and classes: cooking, science, ICT and photography, mathematics, art, reading and writing, etc. This doesn’t imply a substitution of one activity for another, rather it implies a coordinated action between the two workshops (or classrooms) and those individuals in charge in order to compliment and enrich all experiences.

SOME PRODUCTS:  video1 , video2



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