“Like a bridge over troubled water”

Like a bridge over troubled water sings Simon&Garfunkel in their famous song, this brings us to the stream in the Skjærviken forest, which is on the way to their bonfire place. So every time Gresshoppa goes on a foresttrip, they always stop at the stream to play some. I cant say that the stream is very troubled like in the song, but its no doubt about it that it is a popular place to play.


The children started to play with the stream and creating dam, which the put rock in the stream to stop it from flowing water. Then they started to making a bridge, they reflected over what kind og logs and the sizes which where most approriate to use to constructing a bridge.


This will not be the last time Gresshoppa stops and plays around the stream, we cant wait to next time we visit the stream. Untill that time “Like a bridge over troubled water, i will lay you down………


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