The lovely ice!!

January has been a rather cold month in Norway, with temperatures down to -20, the oudoor activites has therefore been a little less comon as usual. But we have still gone out, but not for so long at the time.

But the cold weather gives us also many opportunities to explore water and shapes outside.

We filled 50 papircups with water and different ingredients such as nuts, popcorn,spices and some cups with jus waterpaint.


Here we are inn full progress with filling the papir and plastic cups.


Here you see the result of our effort in filling papircups with different ingredients and colours to make beautiful shapes.

Then we let the cups stand out over night to let i freeze, that night it was -18, so the day after we could not wait to see what had happend with our cups.


The colorful icecubes were used in the outdoor activites, they transported them in buckets, they compared them with other ice cubes to see who was bigger and smaller. We have a small boat in our kindergarden which the icecubes were used as pirategold. Arrrrrggghhhh Ship o hoi!!


What happens if we put the icecubes next to the bonfire??
Some minues later we discovered that it started to drip from the cubes.
The children reflected and explored much over the colorful icecubes and created a learningfull and fun activity where the children and adults were as co-explorers together.

We learn together!

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